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OUR Journey thus far

A little about OUR background. 

hello MY FRIENDS, 

We are Rashid and Jennifer and we have dedicated the rest of our lives to the service of others and to make the world better.

Like so many of us, Jennifer and I both faced quite an alarming amount of trauma looking back on our childhood. Between the two of us we experienced gang violence, foster care, drug addictions and alcoholism in both of our families, sexual assault, rape, abandonment, broken homes, physical, and emotional abuse that we carried into our teenage years, 20's and early 30's. I think we all can understand how things we experience as children can continue to affect us. Rashid battled alcoholism while Jennifer went through a period of Opioid addiction, narcissism and co-dependency, volatility and rage, PTSD, random panic attacks, chronic depression, debilitating anxiety and we both have been suicidal on more than one occasion. We also both had our share of infidelity. On the giving and receiving end. I like to say that the darkest paths require the brightest lights. Accumulating all of this dense energetic gunk from the inaccurate thoughts of others that we accepted as our truths. And so through the pain that we experienced, and the suffering that ensued from focusing so much on what had hurt us, our light diminished. In 2017 at the age of 33, we had our initial Spiritual awakening. It stemmed from infidelity by Jennifer leading to not only a temporary separation for us, but also a dark night of the Soul. During this time Rashid had a powerful shift in his consciousness. A knowing of who he was, and why he was created poured into him and he started making changes to his entire life. Specifically Self-Love and Self-Control. Those changes spread to our marriage and continued to slowly make progress and going through the ebbs and flows of life. Then in 2020 the pandemic happened and introspection really kicked in being at home so much. And on a quite magical stormy night, Jennifer and I were holding one another in the rain and felt the most amazing “washing away” feeling. Rashid spoke to our mentor about this feeling because it was amazing and exciting for both of us. We followed that feeling, and it led us to all kinds of teachers, knowledge, music, history and sciences from the ancient world to the most cutting edge things from a variety of fields. We would sit for hours listening to audiobooks together outside in our carport with a little bluetooth speaker. With all of this information we continued to learn, grow, and heal. Healing and wellness are just as contagious as sickness and dis-ease and we saw the affects of our growth on the people around us. One day Rashid, who was the more outgoing one at the time, decided to get his voice out there and quickly that turned into a calling. To help end suffering for as many as possible and to help people heal, and move towards being the greatest versions of themselves. We saw enough observational proof in our life that the process we had created was effective for healing and we decided to become Holistic Life Coaches. Rashid found his certification course very quickly and Jennifer fell in love with the curriculum for Quantum University and the idea of being Dr. Jennifer Coleman. Rashid Specializes in the Spiritual and Jennifer will Specialize in the Mind and Body. Love is the greatest healing force there is, and we combine Unconditional Love with Wisdom and the embodiment of our teaching to help inspire someone to propel their life forward. If you are committed to change and willing to work, We Are Here.

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Hello beautiful soul!

Lasting change is within your reach. 

I am so excited you are considering working with me. Please feel free to contact me, and we can see if working together is what you feel you need to move forward on this magical journey of life.

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